Portugal is one of the best touristic discoveries  in  the world as well as in Europe. As per the official declaration, tourism in Portugal itself contributes with more than five percent of the national income. While talking about tourism in Portugal,some of the highlights of this series are as follows: Alentejo, Madeira, Azores, Porto, Algarve and Lisbon (Lisboa). When it comes to choose Portugal as a touristic destination, the country mainly offers three kind of tourism: coastal, historical/cultural  and rural. Historical/cultural tourism is supported for several world heritage sites and monuments . When it comes to rural as well as cultural  tourism in Portugal, it' s  to be noticed by  a tremendous hike in the percentage of tourists looking for these kind of activities in the last three years. 

The Government as well as private sectors invest a lot in tourism to attract more visitors. Safety and security measures are provided .Another additional advantage of tourism in Portugal is that it is considered as one of the cheapest touristic destination in Europe. Portugal has a moderate climate that is why  people  love to visit this country  in winter as well as in summer. The famous and historical Portuguese islands _ Madeira and Azores are well known for winter tourism in Europe. They always keep a mild  temperature and dry weather : about twenty degree Celsius throughout the winter.

Portuguese traditional Mediterranean food and wine are famous all around the world. When it comes to rural tourism in Portugal they offer you the great traditional old dishes  that you never tasted before. You will normally find two types of wine such as wine from northwest(Minho) and wine from all the other Portuguese regions . Both of them are famous for its quality. In a nut shell tourism in Portugal is an output of style, luxury, taste and good weather. It doesn´t matter weather you are heading to north or south Portugal offer something special for your holidays. This is what makes this country so attractively different from other touristic destination in Europe.  

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Tourism In Portugal

Tourism In Portugal

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