It is not fair to tie tourism in Portugal on the tail of Algarve and Alentejo. What Portuguese tourism package sellers are trying to do is to curtail the freedom of travels to some specific events. Tourists should know the various touristic options that are accessible for them throughout Portugal and that is actually their right. Holidays in Portugal is actually one of the flexible option and what a tourist should do is to plan his own holiday program. Portugal is one of the smallest country in Europe, where a tourist can travel throughout the country with the help of public transport system.

When it comes to travel expenses, you will come to know that tourism in Portugal is one of the affordable travel option in Europe. Actually the money you spend to buy holiday packages in Portugal is enough to visit several different places around Portugal. If you are a practical traveler, then what you should do is to compare the prices of hotels and flights by changing dates. Another advantage of holiday in Portugal is that hotels as well as transports always keep a European standard. This means that, it is not the “Star” of the hotel that provides quality of service.

For limited budget people, however, it is a better idea to move away from the commercialized touristic centers. For instance, if you want to visit the beaches in Algarve, you can search a hotel to stay some distance away from Algarve. This will highly cut the price of hotels and you can depend on public transport to reach there. Officially there are more than one hundred and fifty beaches that are scattered around Algarve. So you will find your resort somewhere around. At the same time you will find good and sunny beaches in the central and northern part of Portugal. You will have the same intense of sunlight and can do all the water sports in these beaches.

If you are interested in history then you can try the various possibilities of historical tourism in Portugal. Portugal is famous for its rich culture and architecture. You will find Pre-Roman, Roman, Gothic and Moorish architecture throughout Portugal. Historical tourism in Portugal will also flash the light to European culture and history.

Rural tourism in Portugal is something you can´t miss. Rural tourism in Portugal will provide you the opportunity to fall in love with nature and let you know more about wine and vineyards. Portugal is one of the biggest wine producer in Europe. For people who are looking to do some kind of adventure can also benefit from rural tourism. Tourism in Portugal especially in the remote villages is actually an incorporation of adventure and natural beauty. So, called holidays in Portugal packages are not enough to explore the country. Portuguese tourism provides various cheap means for tourists to know the country deeply.


  1. Can you give us a list with 4 or 5 of the most interesting historic cities or castles? I hear Sintra is lovely but I was considering exploring the northern part of the country... Thank you very much!

  2. Castelo de Guimarães located in the city of Guimarães was ordered to be built the 10th century in order to defend its monastery from Arab and Nomand attacks.Its considered the birth city of Portugal.Guimarães is one of the country's most important historical cities. Its historical center is a UNESCO world heritage site. Guimar~eas deserves a full day walking_most of the old middle age streets are no traffic. Good restaurants.
    Can be reached by train from Porto. The trip takes one hour.

    Braga in northwestern Portugal is about 18 km from Guimarães.Its the oldest archdioceses and the third major city of the country. Braga is the oldest Portuguese city and one of the oldest Christian cities in the World.
    You can go to Braga from Porto by train_every hour_60 minutes.Or you can go from Guimarâes to Braga by local bus full of local people and school children!

    Braga deserves at least half a day_we advise an excellent restaurant O Satélite, at Ferreiros parish...about 10 minutes from the train station by taxi.Good place to sleep is Residential.


    Ponte de Lima was founded in 1125. There is a tower of castle and lovely labyrinthine streets full of small shops and regional restaurants. Its by the river that can be crossed through a beautiful stone bridge_on the other side there are gardens with small museum about rural typical works.Its a place to visit walking around.

    From Porto or from Braga to Ponte de lima you need to consult the buses map.

    we selected this 4 towns because of their beauty and also because usually they are not signaled on the biggest touristic agencies.


Tourism In Portugal

Tourism In Portugal

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