As per different web reports, more and more people are looking for information, to know the best time to go to Portugal. Some people say spring is the best time to go to Portugal, some others say spring and summer. But the truth is that tourism in Portugal is good to do at any time of the year. However, the Portuguese tourism activities differ from season to season. For smart holiday planers, before setting out, it is a good idea to know the geographical and climate conditions of Portugal. This will help them to know the best time to go to Portugal.

Portugal belongs to Iberian Peninsula and share political border with Spain in the north and east. The coastal region of mainland and archipelagos is famous for its beach tourism and extends up to 943 km along the coast with some breath taking cliff coastlines in Algarve and Alentejo. Beach tourism in Portugal is famous during Spring and Summer. However because of the strong sun during Summer, people prefer to have their beach holidays in Portugal during Spring and in the beginning of Summer. But, if you have special sun protector then you can enjoy beach holidays both in Spring and Summer. Spring and Summer is the best time to do water sports and rural tourism in Portugal. People who prefer to surf, swim and fish or to do any other kind of water sport can visit any of the beaches in Portugal. So, Spring and Summer is the best time to go to Portugal for beach tourism.
Spring and the beginning of Summer is the right time for rural tourism in Portugal. Adventure Portuguese tourism include mountain climbing, tracking, biking upon the mountains rope climbing is good to do in Spring. Because of the Mediterranean climate condition, Summer will be so hot and dry. In terms of out door activities the best time to go to Portugal is Spring (May) and the beginning of summer (June - July).
There are people who love to visit historical sites and Museums. Historical tourism in Portugal can be done at any time of the year. Throughout Portugal one can visit several distinct type of Museums. So, it is a better travel plan to visit Museums during winter and can know more about culture and architecture in Portugal. Considering other European countries the winter is Portugal is too mild. Average low temperature in Winter is about 12ºC – 17º C. However, some people consider the best time to go to Portugal is Winter. Winter is considered as Off season and the hotel prices normally go down a lot than in Summer. Tourism in Portugal is for all seasons with different activities, so a travel don´t need to bother about the best time to go to Portugal. What one should do is to plan his holidays in Portugal in accord to the seasonal activities.


  1. I disagree a bit. Here are my reasons:
    1 - The worst months in terms of sunburn risk are between May and July, with June being the strongest in solar radiation. This has nothing to do with heat. It has to do with exposure to the photonic rays of the sun. The northern hemisphere is at closest to the sun in June. However, June is a beautiful month for visiting Portugal. Day light time lasts until 10pm.
    2 - Spring and Summer are no good for surfing. The surfing season beginns in September with the high tide season and it goes through the winter.
    3 - The best time for swimming at sea is from August to October. It's when the sea water is less cold. It warmed up through the whole summer. The air temperature is still warm, but because the earth is heading toward winter the sun light is weaker, which it's good to avoid sunburn.
    4 - The best time to visit the countryside of Portugal is by spring/beginning of Summer. Portugal has mediterranean climate, which mean rainy/cool winter versus hot/dry summer. If you tour the countryside by spring the landscape is beautifully green because of the previous winter rains, even if it starts to get warm and sunny. If you tour the countryside by late summer/autumm, the countryside is dry and dusty. Here's the difference.
    4 - If you're looking for snow, it only happens with some regularity in the northeastern third of the country. Obviously the best time is January/February.
    5 - If you're looking for a warm sea, oddly go to the Azores. Here the sea temperature is warmer than in the mainland or in Madeira. Outside, the air can be dump/rainy though. The reason is that mainland Portugal and Madeira have a cold ocean stream: the Canary current, normal is eastern sides of oceans at temperate latitudes. The Azores are to the west, way off that current. Besides, the Azores being by the mid-Atlantic rift, have geysers and submarine hotspots, helping to warm up the water.
    6 - The mildest winter in Portugal is in Madeira. It's often over 20º celsius in Funchal in January. Madeira is the most southern part of Portugal. It can be rainy though, but not always. This winter, with dry weather, it can be beautiful there.
    7 - Coming of a budget? Come to Portugal in the first fortnight of December, or in January/February. Hotels have the cheapest rates in these months.
    8 - Willing to visit Portugal without willing to tan and swim? Come in the winter. You'll have lower prices, better service, and more space to yourself. Even if you want to walk through an empty beach in the winter, it can be a beautiful walk. The winter in Portugal is bearable. It's NOT -15º celsius here. It's a lot more bearable than elsewhere in Europe.

  2. I mostly agree with this precisions.
    About snow and winter sports only Serra da Estrela has some facilities mainly good for children and teenagers,means a good place for families.
    About Madeira Island and Azores i ve never been there but i was told by frdz that Azores is an amazing totally different place.And about the fortnight in beggining of December and jannuary/February i did 2 years ago and it was a successtull trip!Cheap!and graet winter food!!
    Claire Writer


Tourism In Portugal

Tourism In Portugal

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