Porto Portugal attractions: Foz do Douro
Porto, the second largest city in Portugal is a bridge between history and modern world. Porto is accessible from any part of the world directly through air planes. Porto Portugal attractions vary from world heritage sites to any kind of modern touristic activities. Tourism in Portugal benefits a lot from Porto Portugal attractions. Porto is a touristic friendly city that attracts various types of tourists and is a potential resort for any kind of touristic activities.

Ribeira: People who are interested in the medieval period architecture can visit Ribeira. The facade of Ribeira faces toward the Douro river and is a hot photo shoot spot of Porto. Ancient building, small and narrow streets are some of the noteworthy peculiarities of Ribeira. Along the narrow streets there are several bars, cafes as well as restaurants that are famous for its traditional cooking. Visitors can book their hotel in this region for a couple of days in a medieval city.

Porto Wine cellars: Porto Wine cellars is one of the best Porto Portugal attractions. River Douro seperates Porto from Vila Nova do Gaia  south bank where are situated the Porto wine cellars. However, before entering into one of the Porto Wine cellars you shall collect as many details about wine cellars. Some wine cellars admit you for free of charge and some other will charge you a minimum of 2 €. You can buy Porto Wine directly from the sellers. The price varies depending upon the age of the wine and the mode of preparation. While visiting one of the best Porto Portugal attractions you can taste a small glass of the most famous wine in the world.

Vila nova do Gaia: is situated on the south bank of Douro river. Beaches, Bird watching protected areas and wine cellars are the three main attractions of this city. Vila nova do Gaia is famous for its wine storage and has more than fifty wine companies around the city. A panoramic view of the Porto city and the river Douro will worth the visit.
Porto Portugal attractions: Jardim de Serralves

Cedofeita: Is one of the parish in Porto Municipality. Some of the main attractions of this parish includes: a large number of private art galleries, fashion cloth shops national Museum Soares dos Reis, several chapels, Oliveira´s Fountain, the Mouzinho de Albuquerque (Statue), Church of Cedofeita. Cedofeita is certainly one of the unknown famous fashion parish of Porto Portugal attractions.

Matosinhos: is one of the domestically best known touristic place in Porto area. The old harbor is situated on the northern part of Porto city and is famous for its wild beaches and blue sea water. People who are intending to spend a budget beach holidays can spend a couple of days in Matosinhos. Some other famous attractions in Matosinhos are Leça da Palmeira, Forte de Nossa Senhora Da Conceirção, Castelo Do Queijo. Matosinhos is certainly one of the eye catching Porto Portugal attractions.

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Tourism In Portugal

Tourism In Portugal

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