Porto Portugal tourism: Centenary bridge, Amarante
Amarante is a small city in northern Portugal that is situated on the top of a hill facing towards the river Tamega. The municipality of Amarante belongs to Porto district and is close to the famous tracking mountain Serra do Marão. S.Gonçalo´s Monastery and Centenary bridge are the two main constructions that are associated with history. Both of these structures were built in 12th Century. Amarate later became one of the popular pilgrimage destination during the time of King John II of Portugal. According to the historical documents this city was set to fire by French Military during the time of French Invasion. Currently, Amarante belong to the Porto Portugal tourism hub.

Porto Portugal tourism: S.Gonçalo´s Monastery
Why Go?: Amarante is an old aristocratic city with less crowd and more activities. The municipality supports both indoor as well as outdoor tourism activities. Amarante Porto Portugal tourism activities include: Golf, raft, climbing, tracking, hunting and water sports such as fishing, swimming and so on. Tourists who are interested in culture and tradition will find several interesting things in the form of monuments and tradition. Nature lovers will discover more interesting information about Terras de Basto of Tras os Montes.

The best time to do Porto Portugal tourism in Amarante: Amarante is surrounded by big mountains and rivers. The city is cold in winter and share a moderate temperature in summer. The best time to do Porto Portugal tourism in Amarante is Summer i.e, from June to August.

Getting there and around: The closest airport is in Porto. From Porto one can take the A3 highway i.e, the road directed towards Braga/Vila Real direction. Another road to reach Amarante is by taking the A4 highway directing toward Vila Real/ Valongo. People from Lisbon can take the Porto highway and can follow the above direction. The cheapest way to travel inside the city is by buses. However, rent a car or hire a taxi is also suggestible.

Porto Portugal tourism: Church of St.Goçalo, Amarante
Amarante attractions: The city of Amarante has a strong cultural and historical tradition. Some of the must see Porto Portugal tourism attractions in Amarante are as follows: Monastery and the Church of St.Goçalo, the Church of S.Peter and Amadeo de Souza Cardoso and Sacred Art Museum. It is also good to visit all the Romanesque structures throughout the city of Amarante. The river Tamega divides the city in to two and one can see the ruins on both sides of the river. On the right side of the river Tamega one can see and visit 12th century buildings. Left side of the river mostly holds commercial buildings.

Best Unusual attractions: Wildness of the nature is the best Unusual attraction of Amarante. Serra da Aboboreira and Serra do Marão are the two mountains good for tracking and other adventurous sports. Amarante is also famous for its vinho verde and pasteries.

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