Tourism in Portugal is famous all around the world. Portugal is one of the European country that share boarder with Spain and Atlantic ocean. Portuguese tourism offers travel friendly climate and several touristic options for travel lovers around the world. Portugal share more than 850 km along the beach and thus provide several different options for both beach as well as water sport lovers. There are good hotels and resorts all along the beaches from south to north. People who prefer to have their holidays in rural regions also can opt various touristic farm houses or hotels in the interior of the country. However there are people who are interested both in cultural and historical tourism in Portugal. Those people will be happy to know that Portugal was the first colonial power in Europe and had left lots of historical monuments.

People who prefer to know more about Celts and Romans cannot avoid this country. While comparing other European countries, due to the geographical advantage Portugal has the most diverse landscapes in and around the country. Climate as well as nature of the landscapes varies from south to north. This diversity of the country attracts more and more tourists to this country every year. Portuguese tourism benefit a lot from the climate. Portugal is blessed with wonderful weather, mountains in the north part of the country is mainly influenced by the Gulf Stream and the with the advantage of Atlantic Ocean the south part of the country share a Sub Mediterranean climate. This makes tourism in Portugal a good option for both winter and summer. Tourists from the central and the eastern Europe prefer to visit the most famous beach Algarve.

Algarve with more than one hundred and fifty authorised and protected beaches is the right place to do your summer holiday activities such as surfing, swimming and sunbath. Accommodation facilities are available close by and around the beaches or can purchase an all inclusive Portuguese tourism package in accord to your requirement. However, if you prefer to have a clam and quite beach holidays then you can choose one of the best beaches in northern and central region of Portugal. Aveiro, Espinho, Vila do Conte, Viana do Castelo, Vila praia de Ancora Matosinhos, Esposende are some of the famous Portuguese tourism beaches in north and central part. City breaks in Porto and Lisbon is actually interesting. Portuguese tourism lovers can also engage in activities such as golf, horseback riding, water sports around the country. Portugal cosine and wine also are famous around the world.

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Tourism In Portugal

Tourism In Portugal

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