Porto Portugal Tourism: Baião
The real Porto Portugal tourism possibilities still stays in rural towns with its environmental quality and natural life. “Natural life in Baião” is the slogan that tourists are used to describe the activities in Baião. The diversity of rural tourism possibilities in Baião seems to be an endless stretch of rare natural beauty, parkland and forests. The soothing sound of river water, wild beauty of Serra da Aboboreira, Marão mountains and the panoramic view from the Seerra de Matos Castle are the common picture of Porto Portugal tourism in Baião.

Baião is still a possibility to discover the traditional European lifestyle. Rural tourism in Baião is an amazing incorporation of both historical past such as monuments, mansions, farms church and natural beauty. The Baião municipality offers two different sightseeing tours that disclose the natural wealth of the region. Serra da Aboboreira disclose the history of humanity. The municipality still keeps a fabulous collection of prehistoric monuments.

Porto Portugal tourism in Baião would certainly help build a healthy interaction with nature and history. Unlike, typical tourism packages offered by various travel companies, rural tourism in Baião offers various possibilities to explore real life in Portuguese villages.

Baião is the right place to enjoy the real taste of Portugal. The local wine and cuisine is entirely different from the rest of Europe and offers unique taste of Baião.

Here is a list of must see places in Baião:
  1. Núcleo de Arqueologia – Museum Municipal de Baião located at rua Eça de Queiroz, Telefone:+ 351255 540 550
  2. Fundação Eça de Queiroz – Núcleo Museológico located at quinta de vila Nova – Tormas, Telefone: +351 254 882 120
  3. Museu Municipal de Baião: Núcleo de Arqueologia, Rua Eça de Queiroz, 4640 - 152 Baião, Telefone: +351 255 540550
  4. Museu Municipal de Baião ou Posto de Turismo - Jardim das Tílias, Rua Eça de Queiroz Rua de Camões 4640 - 152 Baião 4640 - 147 Baião, Telefone: + 351 255 540 550 / + 351 255 540 262
  5. Casa do Lavrador e Museu Etnográfico Lugar do Martírio, 4640 - 420 Santa Cruz do Douro,Telefone: +351 254 885143
  6. Casa das Bengalas, Lugar de Carvalhais, 4640 - 233 GESTAÇÔ,Telefone: +351 254 888 015
  7. Casa da Juventude e Desporto, Lugar de Chavães, 4640 - 383 Ovil Telefone: +351 255542984/ 255540500

Baião is surrounded by big mountains and rivers, so the best time to explore this rural town is in summer that is, from June to August.

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