Porto Portugal attractions: Praça da Ribeira
There are lots of Porto Portugal attractions to visit, but you need to plan your trip before you head out. Below streets are some of the main streets to visit while doing Porto Portugal tourism.

Praça da Ribeira also known as Ribeira Square is a historical street, situated at the Praça da Ribeira, 4050-513 Porto, Portugal. Ribeira in Portuguese language means riverside and the street extends along the river Douro. This port based square was a big commercial center since the medieval period. According to the historical documents, in 1491 Praça da Ribeira was  totally destroyed by fire and was rebuilt in the same year. Historians estimate that, it was during this time that the square also gained a stone pavement slabs. Later new developments to the infrastructure of the street was introduced in 18th century by governor João de Almada by connecting a new street named São João street to praça da Ribeira. Two main highlights of this square are the three stories high monumental fountain and a cubic sculpture designed by José Rodrigues. This fountain was built in 1780s and is decorated with the Portuguese coat of arms. However, the cubic sculpture was designed over the remains of the monumental fountain. Ribeira square is a must see Porto Portugal attractions. Ribeira square is accessible by bus, tram and sightseeing tours.

Praça infante Dom Henrique or Infante Dom Henrique Square has lots of interesting things to explore. The square is situated at the Praça Infante Dom Henrique, Lagos, 8600 – Porto. The main attraction of the square is the statue of navigator. The street is located close to the historical center of Porto. Other Porto Portugal attractions in this square are the Igreja da Santa Maria and Slave Market. Igreja da Santa Maria is an amazing architecture wonder of 16th century. The slave market was built in 15th century. Infante Dom Henrique Square is accessible by bus, tram and sightseeing tours and is a right place to enjoy the streets of Porto.

Porto Portugal attractions:
Rua Mouzinho da Silveira
Rua de Santa Catarina Porto is one of the pedestrians only street in Portugal. Santa Catarina street is a networked street that is situated in between the parishes of Bonfim and St.Lldefonso. It is one of the main commercial street in Porto. Santa Catarina street currently has lots of clothing stores, shoe shops, metal offal and so on. Some interesting sites in this street are as follows: Capela de Santa Catarina, Café Majestic (1921 built cafe shop), shopping center Via Catarian and 31 January corner. The street is accessible by bus, subway, train and by sightseeing buses.

Praça a Liberdade, also known as Liberdade Square is one of the main Porto Portugal attractions. However, this square is a part of Avenida dos Aliados. Praça da Liberdade is situated in Santo Lldefonso parish of Porto. The square was built in 18th Century. One of the must see Porto attractions with lots of activities.

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