Here is a description of the four famous bridges in Porto.

Porto Portugal attractions: Ponte da Arrábida
Porto Portugal attractions Arrábida Bridge: Arrábida Bridge domestically known as Ponte da Arrábida is an architectural wonder. Ponte da Arrábida is the first bridge in Portugal that was built with pure Portuguese architectural technology. The arch bridge was inaugurated in 1963 and connects Porto city to Vila Nova de Gaia across the river Douro. Ponte da Arrábida is located just some kilometers away from the sea. Arrabida bridge was one of the biggest concrete bridge in the world. The bridge was designed and built under the supervision of Prof. Edgar Cardoso. Other technical details about the Arrábida bridge are as follows: total length: 493m, total height 70m, Main span 270m. For visitors, this Porto bridge can access easily by bus and Tram. Arrábida Porto bridge is located at A1 Autoestrada do Norte.

Porto Portugal attractions Dom Luís I Bridge: Dom Luís I Porto bridge, domestically known as Ponte de D. Luís is the photographic icon of Porto. This bridge was built in 1886 and was one of the longest iron arch bridges in the world. Ponte de D. Luís connects the city of Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia over the River Douro. This bridge was designed and supervised by Teófilo Seyrig, a partner of Eiffel tower in Paris. One can easily notice the similarity in the construction of Eiffel tower and this iron arch bridge. Nowadays, metro uses the upper part of the bridge and lower part is used by cars. This bridge offers a wonderful view of Porto city and Douro river. Technical features of the Ponte de D. Luís are as follows: Double deck two hinged arch bridge with road bridge, metro and tram rail, total length: 385.25m, weight 3 045t, arch span 172 m and cost of construction in dollars: $369 000. The bridge is situated at Avendia de vímara Peres Porto.

Porto Portugal attractions Freixo Bridge: Freixo is a modern built bridge that connects Porto and Vila nova de gaia over river Douro. This bridge shares all the common nature of modern bridges in the world. The bridge was suggested to built because the margins of the river are lower. Freixo is not a single bridge, it is actually an incorporation of two bridges separated by ten centimeters. This bridge currently works as a link between Porto and Lisbon. Freixo bridge was built using balanced cantilever method and has 8 spans. The bridge is located at Via de Cintura Interna.
Porto Portugal attractions: five briges in Porto

Porto Portugal attractions Maria Pia Bridge: Maria Pia bridge, domestically famous as Ponte Dona Maria was built in 1877. This is another amazing iron arch building designed and supervised by Gustave Eiffel. This iron arch bridge was used for railway transportation. Currently, the bridge is closed for transportation, but visitors can visit the bridge through different means. Some of the technical features of the building are: three frame spans of 125, 250 and 125m. The bridge can access by local and sightseeing Porto tour bus. The bridge is situated at Avenida de Gustavo Eiffel.

There are six main bridges in Porto. Description of the Porto bridges such as Infante D.Henrique and São João bridge are not listed here. They are newly built bridges.

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