Porto Portugal tourism: Felgueiras
Porto Portugal tourism is extended up to northern Portugal´s interior areas such as Felgueiras; where the daily lifestyle and activities go in hand with farming and agriculture; preserves rich and vast heritage of Romanesque art, seen in many chapels and churches. Porto Portugal tourism in Felgueiras features an outstanding experience of Portugal´s rural lifestyles.

In Felgueiras one can see several private rural tourism initiatives, in the form of old farm houses that are fast developing as a part of Porto Portugal tourism activities. Just because of these new possibilities, rural tourism activities in Felgueiras offers a variety of activities both in terms of services and in the form of historical monuments. Some other must see places while doing Porto Portugal tourism in Felgueiras are as follows: Casa das Portas, Chapel of Padroso, Chapel of the Meeting, Conventual Church of Caramos, Cross of Barrosas, Cross of Pombeiro, House and Portal of Simães, House of Paço de Pombeiro, House of Leonardo Coimbra, Saint Quitéria´s Sanctuary, Santuary of Good jesus of Barrosas, Sergude Manor and Valmelhorado Manor.

Felgueiras is beautifully located in the center of Sousa valley. Felgueiras had been one of the most important strategical town for Romans. Roman built several roads and bridges and connected Felgueiras with Braga and Caladuno. Caladuno was the real name of Mirandela, a city famous for its cuisine called "Alheiras". According to historical documents there are five Roman tracks named Mouta, Pombeiro, Ameal, Arco and Arco de S.João and three bridges such as Ponte de Arco, Ponte do S.João and Ponte de Travassós. Because of commercial purpose, all these roads as well as bridges were in used until the Middle ages.

The municipality of Felgueiras offers two different Pedestrian options to visit all the Patrimonies. The first option is choosing the Medieval paths that is, one kilometer walk to reach various roman tracks and the other possibility is to use green paths. Green path offers the opportunity to enjoy the rural landscape of Felgueiras and visit some important architectural and historical patrimony.

Porto Portugal tourism in Felgueiras is also famous for local handcrafts such as embroidery works and string musical instruments. In terms of gastronomy, some of the specialities of Felgueiras are as follows: Vinho Verde or Green wine, sponge cake, oven baking, the cabidela rice, the cod and Portuguese stew.

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