Here is a list and description of five important Porto Portugal attractions and museums in Porto, Portugal. 

Serralves Museum of Contemporary art

  1. National Museum Soares dos Reis (Museu nacional Soares dos Reis): One of the famous museums in Europe as well as in Portugal. The museum was founded in 1833 by King Peter IV. Soares dos Reis was a Sculptor and the museum was named after him in 1911. Presently, the museum has several facilities such as library, cafe, multimedia room and school service. The museum displays a collection of glass, textiles, paintings, silver work, gold, furniture, jewelery, engravings, sculptures and ceramics. The museum authorities provide special facilities for people with disability. The price of the ticket is 5, 00 € but can get discounts through “Porto card” issued by municipality of Porto.
  2. Transports and Communications Museum, Porto: Alfandega transports and communications museum exhibits the historical background and the advancement of communication and transports in the planet. The museum has several permanent collection such as “Cars through the ages”,“Automobile in the space of time” as well as temporary automotive exhibition throughout the year. It requires a minimum of 10 people to visit Communication of Knowledge and imagination and the Automobile in Space of time. One can gather information in many languages such as Portuguese, Spanish and English. The museum is situated at Rua Nova da Alfândega- Edifício da Alfândega. A ticket will charge 3.00 € for adults and 1.50€ for students and seniors. Discounts are possible with “Porto Card” issued by tourism department of Municipality of Porto. One of best Porto Portugal attractions.
  3. Serralves Museum of Contemporary art: This is one of the biggest contemporary art museum in Portugal. The museum is situated at Rua de D. João de Castro. The museum is close to the Porto city center and has a main building built in 1930s. Several temporary art exhibitions are conducted throughout the year and has a unique style of architecture. Some other facilities in the museum are as follows: tea house, restaurant, bookstore, shop, a park and a house art deco and other entertainment facilities. The museum supports several languages such as Portuguese, Spanish and English. Fifty percent discount on “Porto Card” issued by Municipality.
  4. Paper-Money Museum, Porto: Paper-Money Museum is a private museum that was opened in 1996. The museum is administrated by António Cupertino de Miranda foundation and is named after António Cupertino de Miranda. The Paper-Money museum runs two main exhibitions. The first exhibition is about the development of Paper-Money from 18th century to the present. Second part of the museum exhibits the transportation vehicles used in different ages to transport money. Information is available in Portuguese and English. The museum will charge 3.00€ for adults and 1.50€ for teenagers and senior citizens. Free of charge with “Porto Card” issued by Municipality. One of best Porto Portugal attractions.
  5. Tram museum in Porto: Tram museum in Porto was established in 1992 and is situated at Alameda de Bas´llio Teles. The Museum exhibits several trailer cars, electric cars and two maintenance cars. A good collection of vintage cars is exhibited every year along the strees of Passeio Alegre and Massarelos. The museum will charge 4€ for adults and 2, 50 € for children. People with Porto card (issued by Porto Municipality) will get a 15% discount.One of best Porto Portugal attractions.
Museums are one of the best Porto Portugal attractions. There are however, 25 different types of Museums in Porto. “Tourism in Portugal” already published all the details of these museums in several articles directories on the web. Don´t hesitate to contact the blogger for further links.

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