Porto Portugal attractions: Rabelo (Porto wine transporter)
Porto Portugal attractions is certainly one of the interesting part of tourism in Portugal. A common criticism against tourism in Portugal is that, touristic information about the places and attractions are not very well drafted and published in English on the web. It is however, not possible to include all the Porto Portugal attractions in a single article. This article is a small attempt to collect as many details about the main wine cellars in Porto.

In order to begin with, lets us talk about Porto Wine. Port wine, domestically known as “Vinho do Porto” is an exclusive type of fortified wine. Porto Wine is produced from special grapes that are grown in the Douro valley. Porto wine is available both in red and white varieties. Normally it is sweet and dry in taste and is served as dessert wine. The price of the wine varies depending on two factors: one is the age of the wine and second is the mode of preparation. This wine is a 17th century creation and is one of the main Porto Portugal attractions.

So, while doing Porto Portugal tourism, visiting Porto wine cellars shall help a tourist to know more about the Port wine preparation and explore the way Douro vineyards are cultivated. Here is a list and description of Porto wine cellars that a tourist may use as a reference.

  1. Quinta Do Noval Cellars: Noval Cellars is one of the biggest producer of Porto Wine. One can gather information in several languages including Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Italian. People with physical disability can also access this cellars. All types of electronic payment cards are acceptable and can contact through email or phone. One can witness the wild beauty of western European nature with Quinta Do Noval Cellars.

  2. Taylor´s Cellars: Taylor´s is one of the oldest family owned Port wine producers and sellers. Free visit is assured with two kinds of Port wine and can taste special olive oil. Visitors can deal with different languages such as: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian and German. One of the referable Porto Portugal attractions.

  3. Solar do Vinho do Porto: Solar do Vinho do Porto is a Porto Wine institute. Services available in this institution include: lunches and dinners, organization of Port Wine receptions, Organization of Port wine tasting challenges and can collect other information concerning Porto Wine.

  4. Porto Portugal attractions: Ponte. D.Luís
    Croft cellars: Three hundred year old Port old wine producers and merchants. Free visits are available and a visitor can taste two kinds of wine. One can gather information in several languages such as: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and German. Direct contact through email or telephone. 5% Discounts on products are possible through Porto Card issued by Municipality of Porto. Croft Porto wine cellars is certainly one of the best Porto Portugal attractions.

More Port wine cellars description, events and Porto Portugal attractions shall discuss soon in this blog. So keep in touch.

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Tourism In Portugal

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