If you never have been in Venice, then you cannot miss Aveiro in Portugal. Aveiro is a city in Aveiro municipality and is often called as Venice of Portugal. This small beautiful town is surrounded by water and is divided by a central canal, Vouga river. Literally this big central canal divides the city in to two. You can also see lagoons, beaches as well as salt flats in and around this town. This city is placed along the shore of Atlantic Ocean and support both tourism and industry. Aveiro and its surrounding areas contributes a lot for tourism in Portugal.

Aveiro is a coastal town and the most common sights around this historical fisherman town are fishing boats and fishermen housing colonies. If you don´t know the process of salt making, then you can visit the famous salt pans close by the lagoons. Don´t forget to buy the famous salt from this region of Europe. During the 16th century this historical port city suffered a lot from storms and it was only in 19th century they reopened the canal and freed the city. When it comes to Aveirotourism in Portugal, the first part to see is of course, the old centre of town. You can also plan a visit through the canals with the help of tourist boats. You cannot miss the beautiful whitewashed houses of fishermen, the fishing harbour and market. Aveiro also supports seafood tourism in Portugal. Fish is one of the main natural resource from this town and you cannot miss a lunch or dinner just with fish. The town also have lots of nightclubs and bars for night party lovers.

Convent of Jesus is one of the architectural and historical monument to see. This monument is actually an architectural development from the beginning of 15th century to 18th century. The front part of the convent is constructed in 18th century and has three doorways to enter. The entrance hall and other architectural wonders are from the 15th century. Other historical monuments here are as follows; se´cathedral of Aveiro, church of st. john the Evangelist, Igreja do Carmo and Igreja de S. Gonçalos. You cannot miss Museum of Aveiro, when it comes to Aveiro tourism in Portugal. Costa Nova and Barra are the main two Atlantic areas to visit on the other side of Aveiro. To go around you can use public transport cards or can hire a taxi for your personal needs. In a nutshell, Aveiro tourism inPortugal is a blend of beach and historical tourism.


Tourism In Portugal

Tourism In Portugal

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