Beja is a small historical city in Alentejo region Portugal. This city is situated upon a hill and is famous for the panoramic view around the Alentejo plain. This city has a long history dated from the Celts. Portuguese historians says that later this city became one of the major Roman city ruled by Julius Ceaser. Portuguese tourism benefit a lot from this region in terms of historical monuments.

When it comes to climate in Beja, the temperature is mainly controlled by the coastal winds. Winter is really mild and cool but summer is really hot. Beja is one of the hottest city in Portugal. During the peak of winter the temperature in this region varies between 14ºC to 5ºC. During summer the temperature can vary from 25ºc to 33ºc. Because of the special geographical condition this place is dry during summer. Beja, play an important role when it comes to historical Portuguese tourism. The main historical sites are castles, Visigothic Museum and Museu da Rainha D. Leonor. One can see the noble castles on the top of hill while visiting Beja. One can climb up to the castle using the spiral staircase with almost 197 steps.

During old times this castle was one of the strategic point, because of the panoramic view. The small Visigothic museum is a major attraction here in Beja. The Latin Visigothic Church is one of the four pre Romanesque churches left in this country. The museum mainly exhibits various Visigothic art. Museu da Rainha D. Leonor is an interesting building in Beja. One can visit official website to know more about Museu da Rainha D. Leonor. Beja and the surrounding areas contributes a lot for Portuguese tourism. The small villages and towns with Arabic touch  that are surrounded by Beja really worth for rural tourism in Portugal

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Tourism In Portugal

Tourism In Portugal

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